I Spoke Apocalyptic

questions doting on silent reply.

But those two little insignificant dots
at the center of my genetic heritage chart
splaying out to a circle called
Mother and Father
shot back loudly, Grow no more!
So Stunted is the name I gave my coat walking into winter.

It’s quite a trick to stay warm when you’re feelin’ heat
for figuring yourself out.


I Drank Too Much

And all that free booze we bought with want and Cash
is moping down the drain
even though Inner State Esophagus Highway 9-to-5  is
the best route for today’s trouble trees and genetic inclinations.
Burn down my forest! Burn down my throat!
because I breathe it like
leaves breathe self-justification on their fall to the ground.

I AM the man in black.

I belong down below says
the stomach—says I.
So I sit sunken
feathering my inheritance for all to see.
Even I laugh
Ha! What a piece-a-shit!
Dry-eye pixels cry down your back in the shower I’m so blind!

And now, my long-fingered friend

I tear open my chest
pull back the ribs
reach down my throat
pull the insides up and
watch them slosh out my mouth.

I stand
a cavern where songs used to soak.